The Tilia Phoenix 7.0 update includes NEW capabilities in automated folding & binding processes for sheet and web-fed production

Posted in News on September 19th, 2018
The Tilia Phoenix 7.0 update includes NEW capabilities in automated folding & binding processes for sheet and web-fed production
Our partner Tilia Labs, is due to launch Phoenix 7.0 in the near future. The update includes new capabilities in automated folding and binding processes for sheet and web-fed production including books, brochures and catalogues.
The Association for Print Technologies recognises the advances made by Tilia Labs in extending the reach of Phoenix beyond print applications to include imposition, planning and estimating of folding, binding, stitching, and cut and stack processes.
Sagen de Jonge said: “We’re a young company and this provides a springboard to showcase the progress we have made in a relatively short time to deliver groundbreaking production efficiencies,”.
“Our customers and partners say that Phoenix is already the fastest and most dynamic cross-platform print planning and imposition solution. With the folding, stitching and binding capabilities of the forthcoming release, we’re confident they’ll find that Phoenix 7.0 closes the loop in delivering similar efficiencies through the entire print production workflow.” – CEO tilia labs
tilia Phoenix 7.0 is the first solution that enables sheetfed and roll-fed printers to manage imposition, ganging and nesting for all print and postprint processes from a single source, across even the most complex production operations. Incorporating digital and conventional print output, stackers, cutters, stitchers, binders and distribution systems, the system will search across potentially millions of layout possibilities, enabling fast accurate estimates, reducing pre-press time, maximising media usage, and reducing post-press complexity. Integrated into the printer’s chosen workflow or MIS system, changes made to artwork files outside of Phoenix are automatically detected and updated and the system dynamically adapts.

Phoenix 7.0 includes improvements for template-based planning and optimisations in the nesting algorithms for large sheets and rolls in the four-meter and above ranges. Updated rules manage how products with special inks or print embellishments are laid out to optimise efficiency, while new short-cuts and hot key functionality provide more flexibility for operators to customise their processes. Major estimating and reporting enhancements in Phoenix 7.0 allow for better analysis, accountability and future planning, including press-time granularity down to the nearest second.
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Separately, Tilia Labs’ Griffin technology for large-format applications can be integrated with the core Switch automation platform. Based on the tilia Griffin desktop application for wide-format planning and imposition, the Griffin Pro App was developed by Tilia Labs as a fully self-contained app available exclusively via the online marketplace of the global Enfocus Switch user community.
The Griffin Pro App enabled by Enfocus Switch is an easy-access solution to produce faster and more efficient nesting, tiling, and ganged jobs to maximise substrate usage,” explains de Jonge.
The new version of Tilia Phoenix has been declared one of the “RED HOT Technologies” on show at Print 18 (September 30 – October 2). The Tilia Labs booth #540 will showcase an exclusive preview of Phoenix 7.0.
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