Direct Mail

Are you looking for new ways to reach out to prospects? Do you want to create personalised and informative direct mail marketing campaigns easily?

Workflowz can assist if you are looking for improvements in:

  • Local area marketing
  • Brand consistency
  • Omni-channel campaign creation
  • Personalised messaging
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Would like the ability for any team member to create promotional material? Want to easily produce personalised local area marketing mail? Reduce time taken to get direct mail campaigns off the ground and reach out to more prospects.

Local Area Marketing

Making sure people attend fund raising events is essential in a not for profit organisation.

You can easily create branded, visually enticing and informative local area marketing campaigns with targeted direct mail.

You can create personalised postcards and upload the information yourself with an easy-to-use portal or go one step further with animated video marketing. Map out the journey directly from visitors door to the event.

Brand Consistency

Make sure that users of any skill-set are able to create informative advertising collateral within set brand guidelines. Lock down restricted fields to ensure consistency across teams.

Get your message out there with an easy to edit, Cloud-based solution and expand your promotional abilities.

You can also layout internal documentation, training materials and direct mail leaflets, with ease. No need for a graphic design or art teams.

Streamline processes. Speed up marketing material creation. Reach out to more people in a personalised way and increase revenue. All, irrelevant of team size or skill-set.

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