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As a Real Estate agency, providing consistent, cohesive branded messaging across several locations can be tricky.

Highlight locations and easily produce personalised maps for your branch, open house or development launch. Increase sales, brand awareness and foot traffic from customers.

Workflowz can assist if you are looking to make improvements across your Real Estate processes in:

  • Image enhancement
  • Marketing material creation
  • Personalised outreach 
  • Brand consistency 
real estate

Transform how you create your housing portfolio and enhance property imagery in seconds. Make it simple for staff across branches to create promotional collateral, with an easy to use online portal.

Image Enhancement

Now, you can utilise a service which automatically enhances an image. Parameters such as sharpness, brightness, contrast, colour balance and skin tones are instantly enhanced.

Firstly, save time by removing backgrounds in seconds. Secondly, retrieve relevant SEO keywords for each specific image automatically.

Plus…easily create all required versions of a graphic in one go, from one image. Saving time, money and stress.

Personalised Outreach

When it comes to property, it’s all about location, location, location. Now, with a simple solution you can easily produce targeted direct mail personalised maps for your branch, open house or property development launch.

Simply integrate with existing data and reach out to buyers with personalised listing suggestions.

Revamp house buying for the millennial age, for instance, by utilising personalised video marketing.

Brand Management

Ensure consistency across branches and employees with an easy to use document editing solution.

Now, employees can edit at will with online templates. Anyone can create effective marketing or in-store material, no matter their skill-set. As a result, the templates can be used to adjust one image to any size and layout.

Only allow changes to some details preventing important branding and relevant information deviating from brand guidelines.

real estate

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