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Is PDF file checking causing you the most stress? Would you like a way to improve flight checking processes and reduce proofing times?

Workflowz can assist if you are looking to improve your print industry processes in:

  • File preparation
  • Prepress
  • Image enhancement
  • Customisation/personalisation
printer industry CMYK colours with hand prepress

If you would like to create a hands-off, easy to use interface for customers, allowing them to create their own custom documents. Or, reduce the costs and work hours associated with edits, approval processes and fixes…

Whether it’s small or large format printing and you want to simplifying your processes. We can help. So, by reducing edits or producing easily replicable projects – we could make some real changes in your business.

Flight Checking

Speed up proofing with a simple drag-and-drop system. Simply move an entire document from an email or file transfer service, and the PDF is displayed. Files quickly show art, trim and bleed boxes for all pages. After that, it is analysed for missing fonts, low resolution images and use of colour separations. Lastly, an email is prepared to send back to the client highlighting any issues.

In conclusion, reduce time taken to assess files and negate the need for multiple links in the communication chain.

Image Enhancement

For magazines, books and promotional materials having eye-catching imagery is a necessity. However, cutting out, enhancing and positioning those images, is a time consuming process.

Now, with an awesome bit of kit, image enhancement and cut outs can be done in seconds (including those tricky bits of hair.) Thus, freeing up designers time and allowing them to focus on their creativity.

See it in action here

Personalisation for Print

Create a unified storefront to enable customers to easily personalise and customise products.

Most importantly, consumers want to be able to do everything from their devices, anytime, anywhere. They want more robust capabilities enabling them to do more than just put their name on a business card.

In other words, with the right web2print platform, printers can streamline processes and decrease lead times.

In addition, future-proof your Variable Data Printing (VDP) by streamlining your campaigns. Keep up with the rising volume of graphics required for multi-channel publishing. Plus, hyper-personalise your documents automatically.

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