Would you like to improve PDF editorial processes? Can you auto enhance images for publication in seconds? Improve publishing processes across teams and locations…

Workflowz can assist if you are looking to improve publishing processes in:

  • Image enhancement
  • Marketing material creation
  • Pre-flight processes 
  • PDF annotation
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Transform how teams annotate PDFs and improve layout creation. All any team member to create stunning images in seconds to improve lead times. Find out how…

Image Enhancement 

Taking an image and enhancing for print or digital publishing, can be time consuming.

Now, utilise a service which automatically enhances an image. Parameters such as sharpness, brightness, contrast, colour balance and skin tones are instantly enhanced.

Save time by removing backgrounds in seconds, even hair. And, automatically retrieve relevant SEO keywords for each specific image.

Plus…easily and automatically create all required versions of an image in one go. Saving time, money and stress.

Pre-flight Processes

Utilise a simple solution to preflight, correct and repurpose PDF files for print or electronic publishing. Use a simple drag and drop system to automatically identify errors in a PDF file.

Handle specialised documents with efficient and reliable production processes.

Now, you can easily work across multiple languages and versions too.

Firstly, allow PDF annotation on publishing documents, secondly, get easy integration with existing editorial systems. Automate repetitive tasks, because avoiding re-work and corrections saves time and money.

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