Marketing and Advertising Agency

As a marketing and advertising agency, providing up to the minute advice, innovative brand promotion techniques and a quick turn around to ensure the best ROI is essential.

Would you like to have a platform which can ensure projects are stored and can be easily re-produced? Would you like to offer clients outside the box, fresh ideas?

Workflowz can assist if you are looking to improve your processes in:

  • Brand promotion
  • Personalised advertising
  • Direct mail marketing techniques
  • Image enhancement
marketing and advertising

Are you a marketing and advertising agency looking to improve your own branding, or the services you offer to clients? Now, create awesome personalised video marketing, targeted direct mail campaigns with auto-enhanced, cut out images.

And, utilise a platform which can allow any user, irrelevant of skill set, to produce branded promotional material. Perfect for multi-site businesses.

Brand Consistency

Give customers an easy to use document editing experience. So, after you’ve created the brand and messaging, allow clients to continue collateral production with ease.

Online templates are created allowing clients to edit at will. Plus, teams can work within their own brand and production guidelines.

Templates are accessed in the cloud-based Brand Asset Manager. This allows changes to variables, sizes or other details, while important brand guidelines and relevant information is locked down.

Video Marketing

Produce sophisticated videos (either batch-produced or on-demand) to easily integrate to communication campaigns. 

Now, easily promote brands through targeted and personalised video. Plus, any type of customer data can be personalised including text, images and exciting special effects.

Take customers on a journey with personalised landing pages – ideal for retail promotion. Or, help consumers visualise locations with enhanced video marketing – ideal for the travel industry.


Image Enhancement 

Taking an image and enhancing for print or digital promotion, can be time consuming for designers.

Now, utilise a service which automatically enhances an image. Parameters such as sharpness, brightness, contrast, colour balance and skin tones are enhanced instantly.

Save time by removing backgrounds in seconds, yes even hair. And, automatically retrieve relevant SEO keywords for each specific image.

Plus…easily and automatically create all required versions of an image in one go. Saving time, money and stress.

Provide a wider portfolio for customers and expand your marketing capabilities.

Allow the whole team to be integrated into the marketing and production processes irrelevant of skill level.

Now, get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help your marketing and advertising agency.

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