Corporate Branding

With millions spent on corporate branding, ensure your hard work isn’t wasted. Produce branded collateral whilst keeping within company guidelines.

Workflowz can assist if you are looking to improve your corporate branding processes across:

  • Brand management
  • Marketing material creation
  • Cross-team consistency
  • Personalised marketing campaigns
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Would you like a new way to improve processes in brand management and ensure teams are producing on-brand collateral? Do you want to improve how your brand is seen?

Brand Management

Ensure consistency across teams with an easy to use document editing solution.

Now, employees can edit at will with online templates. Anyone can create effective marketing material, no matter their skill-set. As a result, templates can adjust one image to fit any size and layout.

Only allow changes to agreed variables or sizes, and prevent important branding and relevant information deviating from set brand guidelines.

Plus, ensure your brand is recognisable with consistent messaging across platforms and campaigns.

Personalised Marketing

Produce sophisticated video, print or digital personalised marketing, which can easily integrate with existing communication campaigns. 

Now, easily promote your brand through targeted and personalised messaging. Plus, any type of customer data can be personalised including text, images and exciting special effects.

Firstly, take customers on a journey with personalised landing pages – ideal for retail promotion. Secondly, help consumers visualise locations with enhanced video marketing – ideal for the travel industry.

In addition, you can now add on a simple solution which will enhance images ready for promotion, in seconds. Find out more here.

Looking for a re-brand? No problem. We can create a package of solutions which will make a seemingly daunting process, feel like a breeze.

Find out how we can help with your corporate branding…get in touch with our team.

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