Is getting your product in front of your target audience becoming more of a challenge? Do you need a way to easily enhance images for retail marketing collateral?

Workflowz can help if you are looking to boost your retail marketing with:

  • Branded material creation 
  • Attracting foot traffic
  • Personalisation
  • Packaging development 
retail promotion

So, if you would like the ability for any team member to create promotional marketing material – ensuring brand consistency across stores, increase your outreach to local customers and improve the way you present products, we can help.

Packaging Development  

Create 3D packaging visuals for retail goods, showing changes in real time with on-shelf product visualisations

But with no specialist programs, hardware or outside assistance required.

Just a single application using a simple Illustrator file or PDF for photorealistic results.

Connect seamlessly to existing workflow processes to produce visuals faster, error-free and hands free.

Get your products seen.

ic3d real life 3d packaging mock up with blue bottles

Brand guarding

Increase retail marketing possibilities and keep branding consistent across stores and teams, with an easy to use online templating tool – perfect for remote working.

Introduce a simple system allowing users of any skill-set to create marketing collateral. Reduce human error and keep important features such as colours, fonts and logos locked down.

Now, take just one image and automatically adjust it for use in any layout…including marketing material, shop window design and OOH advertising.

Local Area Marketing

Make sure local customers know of store openings and product deals. Improve your retail marketing and as such, direct them straight from their door, to yours.

Utilising existing CRM details, you can easily create personalised, branded, visually enticing and informative local area marketing campaigns.

Create personalised postcards and upload the information yourself with an easy-to-use portal, or go one step further with animated video marketing for email campaigns.


Speed up marketing material creation, improve customer engagement and produce eye-catching packaging with ease.

Get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help with your retail marketing.

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