tilia Phoenix 6.1.6

Posted in News on May 7th, 2019
tilia Phoenix 6.1.6

tilia Phoenix 6.1.6 is now available!
This release contains exciting new features.

Top highlights
Tilia Cloud! – Phoenix 6.1.6 has full connectivity to Tilia Cloud allowing you to float and centrally manage your licenses across your teams.
Artwork rendering in automation – You can now generate accurate previews of your artwork in the REST API for products, layouts, and Imposition AI layout results.
Mark enhancements – You can now define smart rules based on global bounding rectangles to ensure the same placement and rotation regardless of anchor rotation, plus 10 new dynamic keywords and a new colour patch text label have been added.
See below for a complete list of enhancements and bug fixes in 6.1.6.

Tilia Cloud
Phoenix 6.1.6 now supports Tilia Cloud licensing. You can log into your Tilia Cloud account to consume a license from anywhere.
Account admins can control access to licenses, review current assigned state, and un-assign licenses from the Tilia Cloud web app.
Import / Export
You can now select and import multiple CSV files at a time during product CSV import.
New PDF export option to set the trimbox to sheet in the imposed PDF.
New query parameters have been added to render artwork in thumbnails for all GET operations on products, layouts, and Imposition AI results in the REST API. Image rendering is high quality, using the Adobe PDF library for PDF and AI files. Alternatively, you can render products using the product colour or only dielines.
Product colour property can now be set in both REST and hot folder automation and is included in XML and JSON reports.
Imposition AI
Imposition AI now uses die template size when the current stock grade has sheets of any size and the press placement is set to use the die template specification, eliminating the step of having to add a sheet that matches the die template dimensions.
You can now define position and rotation based on the global bounding rectangle of the anchor item in smart mark rules by checking “Rules operate on anchor global bounding rect” on the Set Mark Name and Placement page of the Marks wizard.
New smart text label for colour patches and colorbars called “Ink Number” displaying ink number of the corresponding in in the patch.
New ink keywords for reporting the ink number, e.g. position of ink in layout’s ink list: <inks.number>, <inks-stacked.number>, <ink.#.number>, <spots.number>, <spots-stacked.number>, <spot.#.number>, <varnish.number>, <varnish-stacked.number>, <varnish.#.number>
New keyword, <month.letter>, displaying the current month as a single capital letter starting with “A” for January.

Autosnap behavior has changed slightly in cases where no matches were found. Artwork is now centred into the product’s die based on trim box instead of media box.