embed CHILI Publisher within Pageflex

CHILI publisher / Pageflex Storefront Connector

Users of Pageflex Storefront can now harness the powerful professional online editing capabilities of CHILI Publisher through a new connector.

The connector enables Pageflex Storefront to offer CHILI Publisher based templates as products within Storefront allowing users greater flexibility and customisation. This partnership shows that rather compete with solutions its sometimes far better to come together and complete solutions.

Pageflex has a long established position in the marketplace, however the comprehensive offering of online design tools and document editing capabilities that CHILI Publisher provides has proven a must-have for many users.

The new converter has been built around the needs of users who had outgrowing their existing solution, but didn’t want to migrate all their end users across to an entirely new platform.

The Dovenote Software solution joins the growing suite of 3rd party connectors now available for CHILI Publisher. Including e-commerce solutions such as eBay’s Magento and linking to Digital Asset management solutions.

You get the “Best of both worlds”. Facilitates a quicker time to market, and easy to deploy best of breed template editing powered by CHILI Publisher within existing Pageflex web2print portals.

The new converter offers a host of features including:

  • Allow CHILI Publisher editor as a customisation step.
  • Final output support via the same rendering controls in the admin.
  • Auto-Filling variables in CHILI Publisher based on user profile fields from Storefront.
  • Show customised thumbnails in the cart.
  • Allow PDF Previews of CHILI Publisher based documents.
  • Allow reorder and duplicating of CHILI Publisher based documents.
  • Admin screen for validating set up of the extension and all CHILI products.
  • Use CHILI Publisher based products and Pageflex based products side by side in deployment.


To arrange a demo please contact your local Workflowz team.