Locr creates personalised maps to generate customer’s massive direct mail response rate

Posted in News on September 3rd, 2018
Locr creates personalised maps to generate customer’s massive direct mail response rate

Our partner, Locr a leading provider of geomarketing solutions, has announced its customer TPSi has successfully used Locr’s personalised maps to service a thriving sector of the restaurant industry. With Locr maps, TPSi has improved the response rates and restaurant visits for a growing list of customers. The success of these campaigns demonstrates how geo-based marketing adds value that print and marketing service providers create for their customers.

The direct-mail campaign

The company started by creating a direct mail campaign for a US restaurant chain, which wanted to build a loyal customer following at its newest location.

To support this goal, TPSi developed a direct marketing campaign that included a creative direct-mail folded postcard with a personalised Locr map. This map detailed the route the customer would travel to get from his or her home to the restaurant.

Creating Locr maps

To create the maps, TPSi simply provided its mailing list addresses to Locr. The company generated the maps and sent them back to TPSi as JPGs. These maps were then incorporated into the digital printing process using the company’s VDP software.

The campaign generated a 24% response rate that far exceeded all expectations.

Building on the success of that effort, TPSi has gone on to successful direct mail campaigns for more restaurants in the region.

“Location is one of the biggest value propositions in the restaurant business,” But all too often, restaurants lack the data and creativity they need to connect location with their customers. TPSi changes that paradigm, working with restaurants to create effective direct mail campaigns that include a powerful image: a personalised map. Seeing this map, the recipients immediately visualise how they would get from their homes to the restaurant. The impact is powerful and has enabled TPSi to grow as a marketing service provider.” – Randy Hardy, Locr