• Personalised maps for direct marketing
  • Customised maps on demand
  • Bespoke maps for any purpose
  • Video Maps – Animate the Journey
  • Use locr personalised maps for direct marketing
  • Produce customised maps on demand
  • Bespoke maps for any purpose

Key Features

Use locr Personalized Maps for:

Maps can be created as graphic images for printing or to use in emails or web pages.

These can be LOCALmaps, NAVImaps or MULTImaps.

They can also be created as videos which can zoom in and out and animate the progress of a journey.

Use in combination with locr GEOservices.

Cloud-based maps servers can be fully integrated into software platforms

The Maps on Demand service can be accessed directly by programming with a REST API and retrieving maps directly from the servers 24/7

Powerful Webservice:

Do you want to make maps on your own?

Then use our locr BATCH tool. Create the map through our web front end, then download the print-ready images for your production directly from our servers.

It’s so easy to create maps with locr

You just need to provide:

Address data

  • Postal addresses without recipient names
  • Unique ID per address
  • Address lists as .csv or .xls
  • Recipients and destinations in separate address files

Logos and icons

Project information

  • Map size
  • Number of addresses
  • Choice of map style

locr can then provide you:

  • Test maps for release
  • Maps generated as .jpeg in 300 dpi RGB
  • Optional locr GEOservices & GEOanalytics
  • Optional locr VIDEOmaps provided as a video file in HD quality

System Specification



Check out an example personalised video animating the Journey