BACKpack is an all-in-one geomarketing toolkit that printers, direct mail shops and marketing agencies can use to support the recovery of businesses affected by closure due to coronavirus. It enables you to give a rapid response to customers that need a marketing program to re-generate sales for their local businesses when they open again. It is especially designed to help businesses which depend on people visiting in person to receive a service or purchase a product.

  • Use locr personalised maps for direct marketing
  • Produce customised maps on demand
  • Bespoke maps for any purpose

Key Features

What’s in the BACKpack?

Get the BATCH Tool
Access to the online locr BATCH Tool to create personalized maps yourself for geomarketing direct mail campaigns. Watch this short introduction to the BATCH Tool and an overview tutorial on how it works. Then email us for your secure login and account.

Expert Advice
Talk to Us
We will guide you through the steps to creating successful back-to-business marketing programs that unleash the power of location with personalised maps. As geomarketing campaigns vary so much depending on your customers’ needs and budgets there is no one-size-fits-all solution. So let us know what you want to do and together we’ll make it work.

Portfolio Samples

Portfolio of mailer examples and design templates for a range of walk-in businesses including such as Restaurants, Fitness Centers, Hair and Nail Salons, Cinemas, Retail Stores and Opticians. They are all created in a simple, cost-effective large postcard format. Feel free to copy, adapt and just look at for inspiration and ideas. If you want high-resolution PDFs or the original Adobe InDesign files just email us and we’ll send you a download link.


Guide Book:

Get the BACKpack Guide
Guide Book to the locr BACKpack Guide Book. A handy guide that outlines 9 basic steps to creating brilliant geomarketing campaigns that will deliver results without costing the earth.

Download it right now Guide Book