Uses iC3D software
Allows 3D packaging visualisation
Ideal for those working in branding and packaging. Developing carton, glass, cans, flexibles or shrink-wraps, Creative Edge software enables real-time visualisation and validation throughout the design process from concept to production.

No specialist programs, hardware, or outside assistance are required, just a single application using a simple Illustrator file or PDF for photorealistic results on-the-fly.

This innovative, patented 3D technology allows rapid packaging visualisation, enhancing the ideation/design process in the packaging, labelling & graphics markets, and quickly enables customers to better engage with the packaging whilst reducing the time to production.

With a development pedigree spanning 26 years they’ve created & developed innovative software solutions for 3D computer games companies, leading OEMs and partners. Creative Edge Software is a U.S registered software development company, with UK based research and development.

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