Personalised Maps

locr personalised maps are designed to meet a variety of business goals. They can be prepared in many different styles and formats.

Best of all, including a map in your application is easy. Follow these simple steps to learn how to choose the right map, customise the map style, and prepare your address data.
locr animated video maps also come in three varieties: LOCALvideos, NAVIvideos and MULTIvideos.

Choose the kind of map
Maps can be created as graphic images for printing or to use in emails or web pages. These can be LOCALmaps, NAVImaps or MULTImaps. They can also be created as videos which can zoom in and out and animate the progress of a journey.


LOCALmaps show one or more locations near a recipient’s home or business address






NAVimaps show the route from a recipient’s address to one or more locations

MULTImaps combine a NAVImap with LOCALmaps in one image to show a route and the local area at the destination






These maps can be almost any size. We automatically calculate the scale and amount of detail on each one to get the best visual appearance, and we always ensure that street and places names are not clipped at the edges.