Key Features

  • Jobsets combine time consuming (and error prone) manual steps creating PDF files of varying resolutions, handling layer output and more in one mouse click
  • Fast saving of output along predefined target paths
  • Dynamic creation of target paths and folders
  • Automatic file and directory naming
  • Plug-in to Adobe InDesign/Illustrator/InCopy and QuarkXPress working in the background


MadeToPrint Brochure

System Specification

  • Runs under MS Windows XP Pro/Vista and Mac OSX
  • Supports Adobe® InDesign® CS3-CS6, Adobe® Illustrator CS3/CS4/CS5, Adobe® InCopy® CS3/CS4 and QuarkXPress® 7/8


Intelligent printing and exporting from your preferred layout and design applications

Teams producing documents struggle with insufficient or unfriendly output procedures inside leading publishing tools. axaio MadeToPrint, the intelligent printing and exporting solution for Adobe® InDesign®, Adobe® Illustrator®, Adobe® InCopy® or QuarkXPress® solves current issues by extending, enhancing, and streamlining printing and output processes. Predefined jobsets provide ‘one mouse click’ identical output from every workstation for increased efficiency and considerable time and cost savings.

axaio MadeToPrint comes in 3 versions, Standard, Auto and Server, that offer different levels of automation.

MadeToPrint Auto and Server integrate seamlessly in a variety of publishing systems as vjoon K4, Quark Publishing System and WoodWing Smart Connection Enterprise.


  • Jobsets allow simultaneous control of any number of output devices
  • Jobsets can be easily exported and imported for easier exchange with both users and customers
  • Creates single page output from a multiple page document (not in MTP Auto for Illustrator)
  • Output of fully imposed PDFs, from simple booklets to fully-fledged brochures and books, that does not require imposition expertise (not in MTP Auto for Illustrator)
  • Individual layer output
  • Info bars on printouts and in PS based files (not in MTP Auto for Illustrator)
  • With editorial system connection (Only with MTP Auto for K4, SCE, QPS and MTP Server for K4 and SCE):
  • Keeps publication components up-to-date and output statuses under control
  • Link output to condition/status of layouts, articles, images inside the editorial system
  • Checks out layouts unattended
  • Updates contents right before output
  • Checks layout back-up into editorial system database