Ultimate Bindery® is a hub of knowledge of many different finishing devices from different manufacturers and can automate in-line and near-line finishing equipment. It operates as a central location to validate that each job is built respecting the capabilities and constraints of the selected finishing equipment. These validations prevent errors and reduce waste since an alert is sent to the user for them to rectify the situation.

Ultimate Bindery® is a standalone software solution designed to fill the gap between prepress and finishing. Ultimate Bindery® can take any JDF imposed job and complete it with all the necessary parameters needed to automatically set up your finishing equipment such as perfect binder, saddle-stitcher, cutter, slitter-creaser, 3-knife cutter, etc. It allows you to produce variable length products in different quantities, on the fly with no manual make-ready.

Key Features

Ultimate bindery increases speed and efficiency for digital printing finishing and offers:

Maximum productivity for in-line or near-line finishing

Reduces costs by eliminating paper waste due to test runs

Offered in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese

Easy to use HTML5 user interface

Set your own users and user access rights

Collect reports on jobs

Integrate to an existing workflow

All supported devices have been certified

Open solution and connects to existing JDF imposition software

Configure Devices to your settings

Create Custom Finishing Workflows -Combine a series of finishing devices from different vendors to create your customer finishing flow

Job Management View – Offers the ability to view jobs, search, verify status and get details regarding validations

Seamlessly connects to Ultimate Impostrip®

System Specification

Minimum Requirements:

macOS: –

Windows: Intel Pentium G, 2Gb RAM, 250Gb HD, Windows 10

Recommended Requirements:

macOS: –

Windows: Intel Core i7, 16Gb RAM, 1Tb SSD HD, Windows 10 Pro



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