iC3D Automate increases product development speed, reduces human errors during visual development and can help to reduce time-to-shelf during product development stages.

iC3D Automate

Automation of 3D Packaging Designs & Mock-ups

iC3D automate offers industrialised production capabilities direct from your desktop – connect seamlessly to the entire workflow to produce visuals faster, error-free and hands free!

Key Features

iC3D automate can:

  • Replace items in the iC3D file
    • Artwork & Textures
  • Dissect iC3D file information
    • Model information, Meshes used & Materials
  • Change Base Materials of a model
  • Change Spot Materials for Artwork
  • Merge two iC3D files together
  • Render Images
  • Define Camera Settings
    • Preset file usage, Pitch, Yaw and Zoom
  • Export other 3D file content
    • DAE, 3D PDF or New IC3 file
  • Export iC3D file to iC3D opsis
    • Standard or Ray Traced Photo Realistic output

System Specification



Case study:

Read the Cyber Graphics case study here