When systems communicate effectively, smarter cost-based decisions can be made in real-time. Tilia Labs is revolutionising the way the industry connects and manages its data.

tilia Cloud offers IAM Identity and Access Management

Controls all your resources with fine-grained, policy-based security

Enterprise Ready

Scalable license compliance and location control of your whole team’s software in the cloud

Open API

Automate requests and responses via modern RESTful Web Services

Key Features

tilia cloud‘s open framework provides a cloud-based IoT toolkit customised for printing and packaging, as well as:

Gathering and storing data in real-time from connected devices and equipment and moulding that data into meaningful information enables faster decisions and automated actions. Its fine-grained IAM (Identity and Access Management) service enables you to manage jobs, orders, resources, and digital assets securely from one place.

As with other Tilia Labs solutions, tilia Cloud provides open, comprehensive REST APIs to enable full business and process automation. Its real-time streaming API delivers live updates and collaboration across all connected clients. Using a modern micro-services architecture and server-less technology, tilia Cloud scales horizontally to meet any demand. All micro-services are multi-tenant aware and use secure, token-based authentication to provide safe integrations with virtually all private or hybrid cloud environments, eliminating any risk to existing integrations or processes.

Built for scalability, tilia Cloud is Enterprise Ready in every facet. Auto-scaling and automated backups provide security against any single-point of failure. User accounts can be created, and roles defined in detail, while policies can be specified and licenses accessed on any resource in the system anywhere in the world.

4.0 is about getting smart for efficiency, data integrity, and speed, services and equipment optimised for productivity, convenience, and cost. Tilia Cloud delivers all these benefits through real-time, automated communication backed by failsafe data security across a framework that expedites ongoing business improvements along the entire value chain.

System requirements