• uCreate Digital enables Adobe® Dreamweaver to connect with campaign data and business rules
  • Preview your personalised sites and email directly in Dreamweaver
  • Preview and test your designs on multiple devices simultaneously to see how your personalised designs adapt and scale to mobile browsers.
  • Create and preview HTML designs that can run in any development environment.
  • Start with Dreamweaver and share your code. uCreate Digital uses Open XM technology so you can work on your project with other HTML development tools too!
  • Deploy your digital campaign with Circle
  • Link to Circle - XMPie's Interactive Digital Storyboard - to launch your campaign and integrate your digital and print messaging.

XMPie uCreate Digital

Deliver a personalised user experience on the web

uCreate Digital is a plugin to leverage Dreamweaver’s full capabilities as a web and email authoring tool.

Create and deploy fully personalised, dynamic websites and emails.

Use the Web to build a real-time dialog with your recipients. Recipient data is immediately updated in your database for the next campaign across any channel.


Customise variable text and images based on recipient data
Show or hide various areas of the page based on the offer that you wish to make for the target recipient
Change the font, colour or any other style aspects with style variables
Update recipient data through update forms

Add new recipients to your database via registration and referral forms
Track recipient behaviour
Update data based on recipient behaviour
Trigger emails based on data, recipient behaviour or events
Deliver personalised PDF- on- Demand documents


Add personalisation to your HTML page directly from within Dreamweaver. Replace static graphics and text objects with dynamic stories and images that are of interest to your different customers based on simple rules or logic.