• Scale, rotate or skew background colour.
  • Control charting options, such as colour, font size, legend, data set, 3D effect and more.
  • Add charts to either the foreground or background of other objects.
  • Create 3D charts and auto-merge small pie chart slices.

XMPie uChart

Transform data into impactful charts and graphs for each individual automatically

Whether you use financial data, regional data, or virtually any type of tabular business data, uChart gives you the tools needed to graphically communicate your message.

Featuring comprehensive graphic design capabilities provided by Adobe InDesign
Automatically fits the data in the charts
You can increase or decrease the size of your chart elements to fit within the InDesign graphic box created.
Preview and proof
Check each recipient’s record in InDesign before going to production.

The data table driving the chart can come from a separate file than the table driving the customer records
There is no need to create specialised customer files when adding customised charts and tables to your variable designs. For example, when individual stock portfolio reports are generated, the stock information is extracted from the appropriate database and appears as a table. uChart uniquely uses this table to drive the values for the chart design, instead of requiring users to manually integrate the stock information into the original customer database.