Axaio MadeToCompare box shot

Key Features

  • Detects changes, removed or inserted words
  • Controls deleted and added spaces, line breaks, parting lines and sentences and paragraphs that have been moved
  • Displays all differences between two document versions in a dynamically generated and configurable HTML document
  • Writes and saves test results in a text file
  • Directly¬†links locations in the compare result page to the correct locations in the master text for fast and accurate correction
  • Works from all inCopy modes (proof sheets, text sections, layouts)
  • Truly indispensable for whoever works with InCopy-based editorial systems such as vjoon K4 and WoodWing Smart Connection Enterprise


MadeToCompare Brochure

System Specifications

  • Supports Adobe InCopy CS2 to CS4
  • Runs under Mac OSX, MS Windows XP Pro and Vista
  • For integration into vjoon K4 and Woodwing SCE


Typically when you simultaneously work with several editors on a large number of texts and articles, you need to constantly track and visualize revisions, changes and corrections. axaio MadeToCompare provides an ideal change and version management solution for Adobe InCopy in editorial and corporate environments.

MadeToCompare excels in detecting and conveniently visualizing even the minutest differences between document versions. This way, it makes it easier and quicker to find, edit and correct text passages and individual words. This offers a high level of accuracy, peace-of-mind and considerable savings of time and cost.