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Key Features

    • 3D packaging design
    • Embossing, foil and other finishes
    • Direct link to Adobe Illustrator
    • 3D model interiors
    • Emboss/Bump Displacement
    • Ray tracing
    • Dynamic backgrounds
    • Perspective control
    • Light map editor
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Current Version 5.5


System Specifications

iC3D Suite

The award winning iC3D suite the world’s first Real-Time, all-in-one 3D packaging design software, that lets you generate live 3D digital mockups on-the-fly. The rapid packaging visualisation tool, which lets you see, in real time, the impact of any design decisions such as embossing, foil or shrink wrap brings packaging to life. Dramatically reducing proof design time and enabling marketing materials to be created before the first unit is produced.

Version 4.1 offers a whole new level of luxury

There’s nothing quite like embossing when you want to convey quality.

Whether it’s in glass, plastic, or carton with metallic foil, the effect is always well worth the effort. Fact is, with the new iC3D v4.1 update it’s no effort at all.
Our new “Bump Displacement” visualises real emboss/deboss on any material in minutes.


iC3D v4.1 presents the height of luxury at the speed of imagination.
Are you ready to explore your bump appeal?

This new iC3D update v4 includes iC3D opsis which allows iC3D users to securely upload their 3D digital packaging designs to the cloud whilst maintaining all of iC3D special effects, incl. metallics, environments, shadows, lighting, transparency, backgrounds, holographic & lenticular. The unique viewing capabilities will allow end-users to view and interact with 3D packaging content using any web browser on any platform, any O/S and any graphics card, including smartphones, tablets and computers.

Watch the latest movie on v4 here