iC3D Designer

The essential software portfolio for packaging artworkers and designers

iC3D designer highlights

  • Seamless integration
    Bi-directional link with Adobe illustrator and Hybrid PACKz for artwork import
  • Comprehensive library
    3D models, editable templates, materials, textures, surfaces and lighting
  • Import CAD dielines
    Import 3D models or use supplied model templates to create fold up cartons and flexible bags
  • Carton & POS
    Import dielines for editing, cuts, folds, corrections and animation
  • Labeling
    Import and edit artwork, position and move interactively
  • Lenticular, Holographic, Fresnel
    For applying and visualizing security and special foil effects
  • Shelf Visualizer
    Create and position, visualize and compare with other products
  • Dynamic Backgrounds
    Use any 2D background image together with your 3D content
  • UVW Editor
    Correctly distort artwork to fit any 3D model shape