Creative Edge Software

Their innovative patented 3D technology allows rapid packaging visualisation, enhancing the ideation/design process in the packaging, labelling & graphics markets, and quickly enables customers to better engage with the packaging whilst reducing the time to production. With a development pedigree spanning 26 years they’ve created & developed innovative software solutions for 3D computer games companies, leading OEMs and partners.
Creative Edge Software is a U.S registered software development company, with UK based research and development.

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Features/modules S D M
Complete 3D “Real-Time” Visualisation – Bottles, Bags, Cartons, Tins, Shrink, POS, Shelf
– “All-in-one” 3D Ideation, Design and production solution for Packaging Creatives. No additional 3rd Party software required, just Adobe illustrator and iC3D
Floating Licences / Mac or Windows
– Install on multiple Mac/Windows. License by amount of concurrent users required
Easy to Learn & Use – one application
– No prior 3D knowledge required. Creative Cloud users learn iC3D in a couple of days
3D Shape Modeller Module
– Easily create your own 3D packaging models – no matter how complex
Point Editor / Physics Module
– Advanced manipulation of 3D models, meshes/surfaces. Create realistic creasing, dents
Carton/Box/POS Module
– Allows import of Dielines, editing, cuts, folds, corrections, artwork placement, animation
Labelling Module
– Allows import and interactive patented sliding / placement of labels on 3D models
Flexible Bags Module
– Allows 3D models to be created, imported & labels/artwork interactively positioned
Shrink, Shrink Correction Module
– Create shrink film/wrap – accurately visualise, distort & correct artwork for print
Sealed Shrink Bag Module
– Accurately create sealed bags with artwork correction for fresh food products
Shelf Visualiser Module
– Create, place, visualise & compare with other versions or competitors products
“Real Time Ray Tracing” Module
– Photographic quality rendering in real time. Adjust lighting, materials & view instantly
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3D Model Library
– Bottles, Bags, Cartons, Tins, Containers, Trigger Spray, Caps, Ring Pulls, Display Tray
Materials, Textures Library
– Plastics, Metallics, Liquids, Glass, Wood, Paper, Card. Customizable, Unlimited Materials
Carton Substrate Library
– Single & Double Sided Substrates, Edges, Customizable, Unlimited
3D Template Library
– Flexible Bags, Display Trays, Tubes, Magazines, DVD’s, Pallets, Shelving
Export Preset list
– Different camera preset views can be exported as a group for approval and publication
2D Spinner
– Create Spherical Bottles, Tins, Shapes & Conical Labels. Import (DXF, CF2) Files
Adobe illustrator Bi Directional Link
– Fast artwork placement between Illustrator and iC3D
Hybrid PACKZ – Bi Directional Link
– Fast artwork placement between PACKZ and iC3D
PDF Native Import Editor/Renderer
– Position any PDF artwork directly on 3D model. Hide PDF layers to create desired result
Import Formats 3D
– Collada (.DAE./ZAE), Modo (.LXO), 3ds Max (.3ds), 3ds Max (.ase), Wavefront (.obj),
LightWave (.lwo), Milkshape 3D (.ms3d), Ic3d (.ic3), STL (.stl)
Import Formats Die Line
– Illustrator, PDF, DXF, CF2 files, (ArtiosCAD via Esko plugin) & other CAD programmes
Illustrator Layers Effects
– Separate layers & spot colors can be used for special visual & print finishing effects
UVW Editor
– Allows artwork to be correctly distorted to fit any 3D model shape
Bump Displacement
– True Emboss and Deboss effects (surface deformation) on labels, cartons & 3D models
Lenticular, Holographic, Fresnel Effects
– Allows security and special foil and image effects to be applied, edited and visualized
Correction Tools – image & print beautification
– Hide back labels. Global /local color correction. White ink /transparency visualization
Liquid Fill Effect
– Allows liquid bottle filling effects to be visualized
Floor Reflections
– Generate photographic quality product reflections (fully adjustable studio effects)
Interactive Studio Lighting & HDRI Generation
– Create your own photo studio. Add/edit lights, color, shadows, angles, fades & opacity
Dynamic Backgrounds
– Use any 2D background picture together with your 3D content. Generate HDRI maps
Transform Features
– Allows accurate position, scale, rotate, zoom & distortion of 3D models
Real World Lighting / HDRI Environments
– Image Based Lighting. For accurate visualisation of lighting conditions on 3D models
Camera Movement
– Pitch, Yaw, Zoom & Field of View, individually controlled freehand or incrementally
Animation / Recording
– Create professional .MOV movies for marketing, displays, checking fold sequences etc.
Export 3D files, Collada/DAE, OBJ, STL
– Export to Photoshop, production workflows and to 3D printers
Export Hi-Res Images & Augment Feature
– Print high quality print ready images – PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF. Upload data into Opsis cloud
3D Printer Menu
– Special print menu for 3D printers to create rigid prototypes of IC3D 3D Visualisations
3D Web Viewer Application – iC3D Opsis
– Share 3D Cloud content with stakeholders, view on computer, tablet, phone

# option
* 25 model limit