PitStop Pro automatically detects nearly every possible error in PDF files.

Are you spending too long checking clients PDF files for errors?
Would you like to make changes to text, images, colours, etc straight in Adobe Acrobat?
Do you need to repurpose PDFs?

Also comes in a Server version

What Pitstop Pro does

PDF Quality Control (Preflight)
PitStop Pro automatically detects nearly every possible error in PDF files

Automatic corrections
It also gives you the possibility to fix errors yourself or have it done automatically.

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PDF editing
PitStop Pro also lets you manually edit practically everything in a PDF file without leaving Adobe Acrobat.


Also comes in Server version

Key Features

PitStop Pro reduces your risk of PDF errors and offers:

  • Preflight restrictions
    Automatic bleed generation
    Customisable preflight messages
    Embed missing fonts, edit, resize and reflow text and images
    Crop, resize, and move images within a PDF.
    Cut and paste text between PDF’s
    Add printer marks or page numbers to your PDF with ease.
    Check if RGB images are present in a PDF file and automatically convert these RGB images to CMYK within Acrobat.
    Check if white elements are set to overprint and automatically fix them, so they knock out.


  • Server version
  • Stand-alone application
    Allows you to create and edit Preflight Profiles and Action Lists
    Supports all PDF versions up to 1.7 and international PDF standards
    Supports XML/Job Ticket driven variable Preflight
    Processes unlimited number of files simultaneously
    Various PDF and XML Preflight Reports depending on your needs
    Customisable error messages to communicate with non-technical people
    Full ICC colour management and DeviceLink support
    Preflight Profiles compatible with PitStop Pro

System Specification

Minimum 512 MB of RAM (2GB recommended)
1.024×768 screen resolution (1280 x 1024 recommended)

PitStop 18 is compatible with Adobe® Acrobat® X, Adobe® Acrobat® XI and Adobe® Acrobat® DC, so users can confidently access all the latest features in both products.


See what PitStop can do.

Check bleed along a contour:

Impose documents for booklets:

Font fixes:

Page numbering and alignment:


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Get the PitStop Server manual here