Key Features

  • Improved user interface
  • Web based messaging
  • Scalable system suitable for any kind of company, large or small
  • Robust and reliable operation in any type of environment
  • Adapts to your needs through the new modular approach
  • Supported by a complete community

Version 18


Switch 18 Introduction video 

Switch web portal

System Specification

Switch 18 includes a range of new and updated configurators.

These configurators are:

New Configurators:

  • AccuZIP Configurator
  • Enfocus PitStop Server PDF2Image
  • Aproove Configurator
  • Saxon Configurator
  • Caldera Nexio Configurators


Updated Configurators:

  • Alwan Colorhub
  • HP Digital Front End JDF Control
  • HP SmartStream Designer Ganging
  • HP SmartStream Designer Imposition
  • HP SmartStream Designer VDP
  • The CorelDraw Configurator now compatible with CorelDraw X7
  • Woodwing Enterprise
  • The QuarkXpress Configurator now supports QuarkXpress® 2015
  • Adobe® Configurators


Switch 18 also incorporates some new and updated tools. These include:


New tools:

  • Archiving and Unarchiving
    • Support Unicode
    • Support Zip files bigger than 4 GB


Updated tools:

  • Assemble Job
  • Hold Job
  • Split/Merge PDF


Switch 18 is compatible with the new operating system Windows 10.



Switch 18

Switch is a modular software solution that integrates with existing systems and drives 3rd party applications to speed up job processing, reduce errors, and automate repetitive tasks. Automating tasks with Switch frees up your staff’s time so they can focus on new revenue-generating activities.

Switch eliminates the need for people to perform repetitive tasks associated with receiving and sorting files.

It automatically downloads files from one or more FTP servers, receives them as email attachments, or handles hot folders. It then sorts files into different folders or transmits them to the appropriate destination in a flexible manner, so that each is ready for processing or archiving.

What you decide to have Switch do, beyond these simple functions, is up to you. For example, you can have Switch send notification emails to your customer service representatives or even directly back to clients, whenever needed. Switch enables automation and integration of 3rd party application used in the graphic arts industry as well as MIS, DAM, Web-to-Print and databases. It also enables seamless integration for the Enfocus PitStop Server and PitStop Connect.

Switch is a reliable solution, even in demanding environments. Scalability and intelligence can be improved with optional scripting, database & metadata modules.

Why choose Switch?

Customised automation: Many workflow applications on the market come with a predefined idea of how your company should go about its business processes. This is NOT the case with Switch! Switch offers a flexible, configurable and at the time affordable solution that will evolve with your needs.

Easy integration with existing systems: Switch allows your company to continue using those applications on which it already relies.

Simply integrate Adobe Acrobat Distiller, Enfocus PitStop Server, Quark XPress, Microsoft Word and many other key publishing applications with existing workflows. These flows can instantly create PDF files, preflight documents, correct or proof colours as needed, and much more.

More information is available on the Enfocus Crossroads community website.

Scalable system: Switch is suitable for any kind of company, large or small. Switch always pays for itself — and quickly. It evolves with your business, which makes it future proof.

Reliable, even in demanding environments: Switch is designed to guarantee robust and reliable operation in any type of environment. It adapts to your needs through the new modular approach.

Supported by a complete community: Enfocus has a worldwide network of local experts ready to help you with implementing Switch.

Enfocus Crossroads is a complete community with users, integrators and application partners, and as a Switch user you will here find a wealth of instant resources at your fingertips like example Switch automation flows, a forum, a blog with guest expert writers, and much more.

The Switch Reporting Module 2018

The Switch Reporting Module gives you the ability to quickly locate jobs and pinpoint bottlenecks in your Switch flows. The module also stores historical data for future reference, enabling continuous improvement and efficiency of the entire production.