HumanEyes Producer 3D

Key Features

  • Produce a wide variety of unique visual applications
  • Catalyze productivity gains
  • Enjoy a minimal learning curve
  • Get additional use of your existing equipment
  • Enjoy higher margins
  • Differentiate from your competitors with a new eye- catching technology



System Specification

Mac Only

Producer 3D

HumanEyes gives marketers the opportunity to create vivid, aesthetically-pleasing items of both a collectible and non-collectible nature. There are no limits to the design possibilities for objects utilizing 3D and lenticular effects: from toy applications like stickers, bracelets, rulers or notebook covers; to calendars and photo album covers… plus, designers can choose among many animated effects, such as flip, motion, morph, zoom.

An advertising product with a 3D lenticular design will also be more meaningful than any common gift: it offers a smart and unique way to reflect dedication to clients while its “staying power” increases brand loyalty.

Lenticular product packaging is one of the latest trends in packaging design has become a primary tool for product vendors to prevail in the “sales per square foot” war.

HumanEyes Producer is an end-to-end solution that covers the entire workflow of lenticular image production from lenticular content creation to interlace and pre-press.
With HumanEyes Producer3D it is now easy to create and print easily amazing lenticular printed projects with special effects: 3D, Flip, Zoom and Motion!
It maximizes printers’ productivity and changes the face of lenticular printing with an impressive array of new lenticular tools and industry first pre-press features that simplify the lenticular pre-print process, greatly improve productivity and provide superior print quality.

Preparing the project  for printing.

After the image has been created with lenticular effects using Humaneyes Creative3D, open it with HumanEyes Producer3D. HumanEyes Producer3D offers a comprehensive array of standard prepress tools that meet the requirements of lenticular printing, enabling you to easily integrate lenticular in your workflow.

  • Innovative Layout Editor & Ganging
  • View, drag, drop and arrange pictures on the same layout. Print your plate in one run.
  • Step & Repeat
  • Replicate the same project on the layout and print it all with a click of a button.
  • Lenticular Marking
  • Add lenticular print marks to your layout and projects: alignment marks, registration marks, center marks etc. Also, save your favourite job marks templates.

Interlacing the Files

Interlace generates “views” of your project – each one a little different from the others – and assembles them all together. It appears as if each view was captured from a different angle. Your lenticular image is ready to be printed!

  • Interlace Engine
  • Click on the interlace button: the software will quickly assemble, into one image, thin strips taken from each of the views generated and  match them to a specific lens pitch.
  • Output
  • Save your interlace as a PDF, Postscript or TIFF.



HumanEyes Producer3D allows you to print in 3 different ways:

  • Print the image and laminate it to a lens.
  • Print your image directly on the lens.
  • Use HumanEyes Producer3D LensFreeTM feature to print lenticular effects directly onto glass or acrylic.
  • Pitch Test Measurement Wizard
  • Adjust your project with the pitch number of the lenses used.
  • Tiling
  • Print huge lenticular projects: with the tiling application you now have an easy way to print lenticular projects that need to be larger than your printer’s output format size.

HumanEyes LensfreeTM 

Print 3D effects and 2D animation directly on glass or acrylic (plexiglas)  – for digital flatbed UV wide format printing.