callas pdfToolbox Server

Key Features

  • Supports all PDF versions (up to PDF 1.7/Acrobat® 9)
  • Supports all PDF/X standards (PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4, PDF/X-5)
  • Includes the most significant industry standard profiles like the Ghent PDF Workgroup standard
  • Connects to existing workflows through hot folders
  • Simultaneous processing of multiple files for optimized throughput
  • Splits multipage PDF files into segments
  • Creates permutations of PDF files per layer or layer view
  • Merges multiple PDFs into a single PDF file
  • Generates configurable single page EPS files
  • Exports pages as JPEG or PNG in quality settings from thumbnail over full size preview up to high resolution content proof
  • Uses IPTC, XMP and other object related metadata and exports them in a configurable XML report
  • Allows to limit most manipulations to specific objects


  • Provides configuration files that can be interchanged with other servers
  • Integrates fully into Enfocus Switch®
  • Updated Switch® configurator with the ability to define runtime parameters in dynamic pdToolbox profiles

Verification & conversion features

  • Checks more than 1000 characteristics
  • Adjusts and corrects more than 100 different features
  • Supports all principle standards: validates and creates PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4 and PDF/X-4p, and validates PDF/X-5
  • Allows creation of different types of reports in one run
  • Embeds missing fonts (including Easter European, Cyrillic and Far Eastern fonts) and makes font names unique to protect against character dropouts or font substitution in down stream processes
  • Imposes any type of PDF based on extremely flexible rule based imposition schemes
  • Places page objects or new PDFs on layers
  • Creates PDF/X-4 conforming layer views (OCCDs) for using multilingual publication files or handling product variants in packaging
  • Provides adjustable compression methods for images
  • Supports smart configuration through dynamic pdfToolbox profiles that allow variable parameters to be defined at runtime - creating incredible versatility in your workflow (profiles can be adjusted on the fly and checks and fix-ups can be dynamically switched on or off)

Colour-management features

  • Full support of ICC and DeviceLink profiles
  • Provides comprehensive colour conversion of Office RGB
  • Delivers all professional conversions - RGB gray to black only for text, line-art and images, CMYK and spot colours to RGB, spot colors to process, coloured PDFs to black/white
  • Processes line-art and images separately
  • Allows to optionally preserve primary, secondary and tertiary colours
  • Offers tone value adjustment (for both process and spot colours)
  • Supports black point compensation
  • Maps between various colour spaces/li>
  • Device Link Add-On features (payable option)
  • Includes a series of most used DeviceLink profiles for repurposing in professional printing
  • Includes DeviceLink profiles for optimization of total ink coverage and ink saving for standard printing conditions
  • Supports process conversion between sheet fed offset, web offset, news printing and gravure, supporting established best practice guidelines for Europe, North America and Japan



System Specification

Windows 2000 or 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 or Windows 7
Mac OS X version 10.5 or newer
Versions for Linux, Solaris and AIX available as callas pdfToolbox CLI 4
Also available as functionally equivalent programming libraries (SDKs) on Mac, Windows, Linux, Solaris and AIX

pdfToolbox Server

All-in-one PDF automation from preflighting and fixing to impositioning and repurposing

Whether for print production, PDF/X standard compliant file exchange, presentation preparation, repurposing or any other type of document analysis or processing, callas pdfToolbox Server surpasses its competition in ease of use, speed, and feature set.

All possibilities of the desktop version are taken to the next level by providing instant automation through the use of hot folders. Fully multi-processor aware, callas pdfToolbox Server easily scales with your needs and built on the Adobe PDF Library it provides rock-solid processing. A command-line version and full developer SDK are available when it’s necessary to provide closer integration.

From the developers of Adobe® Acrobat®’s Preflight technology, pdfToolbox Server offers comprehensive, yet easy to use

  • PDF preflighting and automatic correction
  • metadata extraction
  • presentation tools
  • imposition
  • and more

New in pdfToolbox 6

For the whole pdfToolbox family:

  • Process plans
  • Building logic into profile
  • Execution of processing steps in response to results of previous sequences
  • Combining profiles with actions
  • Colour remapping improvements
  • Extensions to the conversion of colour channels, so that any process colour channels can be converted to spot colours and vice versa
  • Spot colours can be put anywhere on PDF layers
  • Numerous other enhancements
  • Many checks, fixes and profiles have been extended and the process stability is further increased

Specific for pdfToolbox Server:

  • Network-enabled setup and management using pdfToolbox Desktop
  • Support for load-balancing through dispatcher
  • Load-balancing for hot folder application
  • Load-balancing work to be done by Enfocus Switch configurator