Organic Imaging

Automatic, analysis-based enhancements


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Organic Imaging

Automatic, analysis-based enhancements


Automatic Image Enhancement… a real challenge !

What’s good for one image is not necessarily good for another.
Simply applying one set of filters and algorithms to every image will simply not do the job.
Although it seems contradictory, automatic image enhancement requires an individual approach
and Elpical products are engineered to provide it.

Extensive Analysis

Extensive individual image analysis is fundamental to our image enhancement technology methodology.
Years of testing and perfecting the method translates to consistent, high-quality results; even when the origin and quality of the original images vary significantly.

Superior Enhancement Techniques

Sharpening algorithms.
The sharpening applied to a given image varies in amount, radius and threshold, depending on the sharpness and (reduced) noise levels in the original image.
A sophisticated anti-halo filter is applied to reduce the undesirable side effects of sharpening.

Local contrast-enhancement
Local contrast enhancement allows details to be preserved and enhanced in the dark areas of the image, without effecting overall brightness of the image.

Organic Imaging’s individual image analysis ensures that changes are only applied to images that require it!


Professional Grade Imaging Technology brought to your desktop… without any compromise !

Elpical’s imaging technology has been producing superior results for high-end production and publishing organizations since 2001.
Now available in version 9, Elpical Claro is in use at major publishers, pre-press agencies, printers and other professional users around the world.
Among them are well-known brand names like: Modern Luxury, USA Today, TopGear magazine, Gardeners World, Bonnier, Bauer Media, Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung, Vocento and many others.

It is this very same core technology that we now bring to your desktop, without compromise, in the Organic Imaging line.


Automation that supports Personal Creativity!

Automation sometimes causes creative professionals to worry that they might be trading-off creative freedom.
The opposite however, Elpical’s tremendous respect for human creativity is fundamental to its development philosophy – as a result we build products that relieve creatives of tedious, time-consuming tasks so that they create more, and better, work.
Our philosophy is that automation must support creativity.

Relieving people of repetitive tasks

By eliminating repetitive tasks, Organic Imaging makes it possible for your teams to take the time to personally intervene on images of their choosing, to achieve the exact effects you and your clients are looking for.

Tweak images where needed

Organic Imaging offers the ability to go and edit your images in Photoshop. Your Photoshop saved images will be shown directly in the Organic Imaging Inspektor.

Pay per image

OI_AffordableNo initial investment

The world is adopting pay-per-use policies quickly, replacing those policies that require an initial investment.
With Organic Imaging, there is additional advantage in the ability to you create an account once, and re-use it on as many workstations as you like.
Pay-per-image makes the need for per-machine-licensing obsolete.

Process 250 images for free

You can now download the application and process 250 images for free, to put the technology through its paces in your own environment.
Learn to use the technology that saves the world’s most demanding imaging professionals enormous amounts of time and money, and start saving yourself.

Gain up to 50% bonus images

Gain 10% extra images per extra 25€ spent.
Credits can only be bought from within your application.
Pricing for users from outside the EU are communicated and/or charged in US dollars within the Organic Imaging interface.
Prices are exclusive VAT. Read more about our VAT policy here.