Key Features

  • Automates planning and prepress processes increasing operational efficiencies
  • Error free planning and imposition
  • Stores important information centrally
  • Shares information quickly, accurately and securely
  • Reduces costs

Current Version 2016.2


System Specifications


EFI Metrix is an industry-leading award-winning job planning and imposition software. Putting data-driven decision making at the centre of your operations Metrix ensures uniformity, efficiency, error-free intelligent planning and imposition across the entire enterprise. Metrix enables MIS/ERP customers to expand their investment to a complete workflow, eliminating errors, streamlining processes, optimising manufacturing, lowering costs and improving quality. With cutting edge graphical representations of products, Metrix provides an unprecedented user experience backed by a central intelligent database that allows even the most inexperienced planner or prepress employee to plan like a pro.

With over 1200 Metrix users in 25 countries and 11 years of continuous, aggressive development, Metrix is recognised as the industry standard for dynamic, intelligent production planning and automated imposition.

How Metrix works

The EFI Metrix solution stores your presses, finishing equipment, stock, folds, user’s logins and permissions, along with your manufacturing standards. By Centralising this information this reduces errors and duplication and ensures uniformity, efficiency and ultimately error-free planning and imposition across your entire organisation. The EFI Metrix solution automatically and dynamically determines how many press sheets you need, the optimum layout for each press sheet, and even figures out for you the most cost-effective printing method, press and sheet size.