CTrl changes box shot

Key Features

  • Keep track of any text changes
  • Display added text in Layout view
  • Display deleted text in Layout view
  • Keep track of who applied the text changes
  • Keep track of when the change was made


CtrlChange Brochure 

System Specification

CtrlChanges is a plug-in for both InDesign and InCopy. Current users of CS3 or CS4 can immediately benefit from CtrlChanges without any modifications to their system.

Adobe Compatibility/Platform:

InDesign CS3/CS4, Mac or Windows

InCopy CS3/CS4, Mac or Windows


In a situation where more than one user is working with a document, it is crucial to know what has been changed in the InDesign document. With CtrlChanges you don’t need to spend valuable time trying to find what has been changed. CtrlChanges tracks all text changes in a document, and displays added or deleted text in the Layout view.

CtrlChanges is available for both InDesign and InCopy, and in three versions to fit your specific needs.

“I have been using CtrlChanges for some time and find it extremely useful. Being able to track changes without affecting the formatting is great.”
Artur, P&E Publications Coordinator at The University of Auckland

CtrlChanges product suite:

CtrlChanges Light

  • Show Changes in Layout view in InDesign and InCopy
  • Turn display of changes on/off
  • Turn CtrlChanges on/off for document
  • Accept all changes in document
  • Mouse over tip showing author, time and deleted text (only CS4)


CtrlChanges Standard

    Includes all the above functionality, but also adds:

  • Ability to print changes
  • Include changes in PDF-file, including notes for deleted text


CtrlChanges Pro

    Includes all the above functionality, but also adds:

  • Sort changes: User and Time
  • Users are separated using different colours in document
  • Step through the changes one by one in the CtrlChanges Pro panel