• Create One off Size Variants in Single Mode
  • Batch creation in Multi Mode

AutoPro V2

How long does your studio spend adapting and resizing advertising artwork to fulfil your media schedules?
Accelerate your studio production.

AutoPro could be the solution to your pinch points. Allowing your skilled designers and artwork operators to free up time and deliver greater levels of creativity to the brands you work with.

Find out how AutoPro could save you hours per week, please get in contact to arrange a demonstration.










AutoPro v2 – Offers different modes to adapt each campaign, it’s so simple to use that non InDesign users can create their own material.

Single mode will adapt a single page with the option of changing images and text on the fly, pro each advert to height or width, separate imagery to pro differently from page, add a blank legend on the fly. Single mode can be used to speed up a master set of ratio files.
Multi mode will adapt a schedule or campaign using a set of master ratio files, an excel document contains all the information required. Swap out images and text on the fly, export pdf’s, png’s, jpg’s or packages and add a completed legend to each document.
Image and Text mode will swap out imagery and text from existing documents and export files on the fly. These modes are useful when amending or adapting an existing campaign.
Export mode will simply create output files but a massive time saver, package documents up for sending to printers or batch creating a set of pdfs.


AutoPro, lets your computer do the work.

See it in action:

Sometimes, the simplest solutions make the most sense.