Workflowz is 10!

Happy Birthday Workflowz!


We are celebrating ten years of providing high quality software solutions for the creative industry across the UK and to international clients. So ‘Thank You’ to all our clients, friends and those who have come along on this journey with us…here’s to the next ten!

As we turn ten years old we decided that, to celebrate, we would give everyone else a present… here are ten interesting facts about this magic number. Which ones surprised you?

  1. Pythagoras thought that the number 10 was the most sacred of all numbers
  2. Neon is number 10 in the periodic table
  3. If you write the number 10 twice as 1010, you get the binary representation of 10
  4. The traditional 10th anniversary gift is tin, while the modern gift is diamonds – proof of inflation
  5. A ‘Pavarotti’ can be used as slang for £10, as he was a famous tenor!….’Lend us a Pavarotti’
  6. TYPEWRITER is the longest word (10 letters) you can type using only one line of the keyboard – you’re trying it now aren’t you?
  7. In China the number 10 means perfection and lots of weddings were held on October 10, 2010  – 10/10/10
  8. The Richter scale is measured in tenfold increases of energy
  9. The Roman numeral for 10 is X, which looks like two V’s (the Roman numeral for five) base to base.
  10. Workflowz has been supporting businesses for 10 years!


We have lots to look forward to in the closing weeks of 2019 including the launch of our new site (the ten logo is a little sneak preview!) Make sure to like and follow us across our social channels to be the first to see our new look, or contact us if you need to discuss software solutions for your business.