How SMART are you?

Make sure you are working as SMART as possible

Working smart is the key to success. Having an online solution which can be accessed by any team member and help to create professional omni-channel marketing campaigns, could be the key to working smarter.

Secure – Microsoft Azure based platform
Marketing – Easily produce branded print collateral and online material
Automation – Define where the subject of an image should be positioned automatically within a frame
Responsive – Re-size, re-shape and re-organise images easily with a fully responsive platform
Templates – Quick Adaptions for different uses, allowing you to control a campaign effectively from an intelligent master retaining brand guidelines and compliance

The challenge:

We all know the challenges of “one size fits all”. This is far more prevalent as an issue with design. Assets can’t be squeezed and stretch to to fit the space. Cropping and focal points are essential to ensure your brands message is delivered in the best way across all sizes and channels.

It’s often been the domain of the Art Director to create the concepts, Designers craft the master versions and then studio operators to apply those decisions for adaptions and versions. Clearly brand owners don’t  feel comfortable about losing control but have to empower their teams to work more effectively in a faster way today than ever.

Now we have a game changing feature with intelligent smart templates you can achieve what you didn’t think was possible.

Rest-assured that all collateral produced will match the creative brief, without putting greater demands on your over stretched office-based resources, or teams working remotely.

Empowering your team to produce both print and digital formats to ensure your brand can be consistent across all channels and getting far closer to “one SMART template fits all”.

is for secure.

For many customers speed and scalability are high priorities. Server security is also critical as you cannot place your customers at risk, especially when handling sensitive or personal information. In addition peace of mind (another security) that a managed platform takes away the stress of server management, provides great uptime, and high Service Level Agreements. That’s why our solutions are available on robust architecture from market leading SaaS platform providers.

Use a secure system which can be accessed by remote working staff, wherever they are situated and alleviate the need to deal with upgrading operating systems, buying and maintaining servers or fearing a security breach.

Investing in a Microsoft Azure cloud computing service with the building, testing, deploying and managing of applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centres, is as about as smart as you can get. With a recent $1 billion investment in Microsoft security and R&D – is your SaaS platform is as secure as this one?

Everyone knows visual promotion is key. With the need for constant stimulation and attention-grabbing shots, don’t underestimate the importance of great images. Having an adjustable platform which can dynamically re-size and adjust a graphic to fit any output format seems pretty smart.

is for marketing.

is for automation.

The benefits of Automation can only be gained when there are robust processes established. Conformity is goof, but lack of flexibility and intelligence has often been the barrier to mass adoption of Automated art-working solutions. You can’t second guess the brand guidelines, there are rules to be adhered to, and therefore something that must be enforced.

Today seems a massive step-change and you can now harnessed the benefits of all the compliance  needed which equipping your team to work at a pace that’s no “humanly” possible. Mass production of campaign assets, or simply one-off bespoke items can be quickly generated.

Similar to how a webpage will reflow to be dynamic resizing for different browsers and devices you can now make that functionality available for your printed documents. With the integration of intelligent rule (based templates). Simple logic allows your templates to resize, reflow and reorganise themselves to be a fully responsive design, whilst maintaining brand guidelines and also honouring matching parameters of the design aesthetic.

Be innovative and try things which others in your field aren’t doing, beat them to the punch and introduce a game changing feature to your next pitch or project.  With a real-time, fast and responsive platform, you could easily switch from portrait to landscape and create mock ups for clients in seconds.

is for responsive.

is for template.

The advantages of a template it provides structure that is repeatable and consistent. Desktop designs can quickly be uploaded to an online platform with the inclusion of rules, actions and constraints to ensure brand compliance. This empowers customer to quickly adapt, modify and update documents with speed and ease.

This could include personalisation, with bath processing of data for DirectMail, Localisation of multi-lingual transcreation collateral for local area marketing, versioning for packaging and labelling artwork or maybe greetings cards for the consumer market.

If we told you that not only is all of the above possible, but it’s possible with the introduction of just one simple online subscription solution, would you be SMART enough to find more?



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