VAR – it’s not just about football!

Value Added Reseller

While we are all used to VAR frequenting our screens offering assistance at sports matches, to us the term means something very different.

As your trusted reseller, we are often considered to be a stop-gap to the product owner or creator. Providing added value is something we pride ourselves on…and it may involve more than you think!

Value Added or Added Value?

As a Value Added Reseller we can offer, (funnily enough) added value, on top of what you would get by going direct to the product owner.

Working across many sectors and with multiple software providers, we individually assess each business’ need and provide a combination of solutions and services to overcome hurdles, processes and gaps in skill-set. Helping you to achieve your goals.

It’s not just about shifting boxes, it’s getting the value from the package.

By tailoring our expertise to suit each client, we are able to use a modular approach, which doesn’t just aid the business but goes above and beyond to build long term relationships with team members across all departments.

Why choose us your reseller?

1 – Time

We are always on your team and take the time to talk to those within a business, the ones who are actually doing the job, in order to ascertain where the pitfalls are and exactly what needs to be done to aid the company.

We are not just interested in selling a solution, we aim to solve the problem – providing scalability, development and long term support to our clients. We expose the pinch points in the business to provide efficiencies, which saves time and money.

2 – Knowledge

We have been in the business a long time (in fact, a very long time!) and have a deep understanding of what is required to aid businesses with creative processing difficulties.

From our portfolio of best of breed solutions, our knowledge can bring out the best in printing to branding, design to packaging. Our team are adept at finding the right solution to free up time, money and resources. If we cant find what you’re looking for, our team can use our knowledge to delve deep and find jut the right solution for you.

3 – Add ons

While buying an out-of-the-box solution may suit some, we believe that our professional services are what makes us stand out from the rest.

We keep our ‘eye on the ball’ and support our clients with project management advice, online support and training, plus the guarantee that customers are gaining more than just software for their business.

We also like to think of ourselves as a sound board – where clients can sense check their needs, run projects past us or get more out of what they already have to get the best from their chosen solutions.

It’s not just sell and forget, we build relationships and stick with them.

We make sure to slot solutions into existing systems, processes and teams, allowing a smooth transition to new features and functions and the ability to grow your business to suit your capabilities and budget.

Make sure your business isn’t left as a ‘sideline substitute’ and get in touch with our team today.

Call our team to discuss adding value to your business