2020 – The year that changed business!

2020 has been a year that strikes fear in the heart of many businesses! Here's ours in review...

We all know that 2020 has not been great for most industries, whilst some have been forced to close, others have seen huge redundancies and loss of sales. Here at Workflowz we have been lucky enough to embrace remote working and, although not without its challenges, we are still here supporting our customers and creating new relationships. Here’s our year in review.

Saying farewell to an old friend

Adobe Flash End of Life (EOL). We are definitely one of the many who will miss the capabilities of Adobe Flash, but look forward to the improvements within the print industry. Who would have thought that this multimedia solution would become so vital in the web2print world?

But all good things come to an end and that usually that means something better is coming along. This decision has stimulated more innovation due to some of the technical challenges which needed to be overcome. Moving from Vector to Bitmap formats is one of those, especially when handling high fidelity rendition of fonts.

These challenges have been helped with better and faster network speeds – just look at how 5G can now stream higher quality in a fraction of the time! Who knows where web2print platforms will take us next? Our team can keep you informed on what is just over the horizon and how to prepare your business.

We may be saying farewell to an old friend, but we are excited to get acquainted with many new ones in the future.

Communication across the nation

With businesses looking at new ways to communicate with customers and peers alike, the webinar has been the hero (or some might say thorn in their side) throughout 2020, with some companies seeing a huge 300% increase in the number of webinars hosted on their platform.

We have enjoyed many online sessions from pubs to chats and everything in between, but, we have missed the interaction with colleagues and the camaraderie we are all so used to experiencing at trade shows and networking events.

We are looking forward to drupa 2024 and many other events around the world, which will hopefully be able to start back up next year.

Like many businesses, we have taken this time to improve our ongoing processes, have increased our communications and taken the time to implement more structure to our marketing. Using TrustPilot to back up our business, gives future clients an insight into working with us and the feedback from trusted clients which we rely on to reinforce our brand.

Looking to the future

For us, having a global presence, means we were able to undertake virtual meetings with ease. To avoid the inevitable ‘webinar fatigue’ we chose to host one on one sessions, allowing us to target each individual company’s need and do what we do best – build relationships and offer tailored, personalised insight.

These changes are to be a permanent feature for the Workflowz team. So if you would like a 20 minute chat, get in touch.

Despite the struggles, we’ve had lots to look forward to, with our 11th anniversary rounding off the year in style. This year we are treating ourselves to…a nice peaceful Christmas and a stress-free 2021 (we hope!) We would like to thank our customers and friends old and new for coming along on this journey with us, here’s to the next eleven!

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