Enfocus Switch 2019 Fall Release

Today Enfocus reveal their new Switch fall release for 2019. Find out all about it here:

Secure FTP: support for FTPS

The new secure FTP feature is welcomed by everyone who needs to securely transfer files to partners and clients. In the past Switch only supported SFTP, but with this fall release we have added FTPS.

Admin features

Admin features is a handy new tool for Switch administrators. The new feature enables admins to monitor Switch processes running on the server, including total CPU and memory used by Switch.
Admins can now customise the login page and start and stop flows without the need of a remote designer or to log in on their Switch server.

Submit points

The Submit point view is completely redesigned. Submit points now include a list-view and card-view, sorting alphabetically or on flow/flow-groups.
Additionally, Submit points show the status of the flow: running, scheduled or inactive. Further, it is now possible to have submit point favourites.

Remote process element

The remote process element was introduced in the previous release and is now even more powerful. They extended this feature with additional API calls and an additional notification.

Dashboard improvements

Multiple small improvements were made to the dashboard module. It is now possible to attach a table view to counter widgets and to show server messages on a dashboard.


More information regarding the release can be found in the video below