Opportunity knocks (or comes through the letterbox!)

With businesses experiencing closures and uncertainty surrounding every industry, preparing for the future has never been so important.

In the current climate, businesses across most sectors have seen a downturn, however those offering direct mail services are still in great demand. With more people at home and an increased chance of mail being read, including personal, direct and relevant mail to your customers’ door, could have a huge impact on your business at this time.

For marketers…

As a marketer having the ability to send personalised maps, which are proven to increase response rates in customer acquisition and retention campaigns, has never been so simple. Creating beautiful, branded direct mail with a location map direct to your new store, office or establishment can be done with a single software solution.

Businesses need to be prepared to cope with the demand from customers. They will want to know if their favourite supplier of manure is still in business, or where the nearest vegetable or meat box delivering service is; be the first to notify people of your business and exact location with a personalised map. Producing bespoke, customised maps on demand, as well as video maps for email marketing, can be accessed directly by programming with a REST API and retrieving maps directly from a server 24/7. Alternatively you can create maps yourself with the addition of a few simple details.

Also check out BACKpack, a quick start to help companies market their businesses including sample templates for Restaurants, Fitness Centers, Hair and Nail Salons, Cinemas, Retail Stores and Opticians

See how…

With people often taking a break from their screens, using locr maps to personalise your customer experience, deliver them the exact information they need and guide them directly to your door, could be exactly the boost your company needs.

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