Keeping up with the flow

Keeping up with the flow

With businesses now getting back to ‘normal’, we thought we would give you a round up of all the latest need-to-know information….just in case you missed anything.


Enfocus BoardingPass gives customer-facing print service staff the ability to quickly check a PDF file and provide timely feedback. It is a standalone application that allows sales and customer service agents in print to instantly validate PDF files, pointing out errors that would require a file to be sent back to the customer for resubmission and provide the customer with understandable feedback.

Prepress staff gain confidence in PDF quality, knowing that incoming jobs have received a BoardingPass approval, speeding up processes and increasing productivity.

This is currently in the Beta testing phase, with release expected at the end of the year.




CHILI v6 brings a brand new set of features. Now available as a SaaS solution it allows users to provide self-service within a variety of setups.

With a new wave of innovation for Dynamic Layouts, many object properties now have a new option to set the value using a formula – similar to how a spreadsheet works. The template can now automatically resize, reposition and manipulate any object on the page.

The following enhancements included in the release are:

  • Leading and tracking controls for copy fitting
  • Selectable reference points for transformations
  • Custom path editor
  • Font subsets for PDF output
  • Improved frame behaviour

Plastic Tax

The new UK Plastic Tax will come into force in April 2022. This affects plastic packaging produced in or imported into the UK, that does not contain at least 30% recycled plastic.

Businesses using packaging which does not comply with these new restrictions, will incur a fee of £200 per tonne. This is not expected to be passed on to consumers unless there is no alternative other than to use the non-regulation material.

While the date seems a while in the distance, changing the way things are packaged, shipped and presented to consumers could see a huge upheaval for some companies.

Taking action now and putting processes in place to ease the transition are vital, which is why our team have chosen some relevant solutions which can aid the process.

CHILI – With its awesome automation capabilities, data driven adaptions and variations.

iC3D – Creating a huge variety of packaging visuals with ease – speeding up the ideation and prototyping processes.

Switch – Making repeatable tasks error free and it keeps working even when your staff can’t.

At Workflowz we like to be proactive, giving our customers the chance to improve processes, develop and increase productivity. If you would like to find out how any of these ideas could work for your business, please do get in touch with our team.

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