Get the edge and grab new customers

With inboxes steadily overflowing, how can you get the edge over competitors?

Simply put, personalised marketing. You want to get noticed, evoke actions and translate that into results for your business or your clients.

It is estimated that in 2021, the average user will spend 100 minutes a day watching videos online. Looking into social stats, we can all see that videos get the most hits, the most views and the most engagements.

But, if are you still finding that those actions struggle to covert into results, we can help…

Don't use stock images when you can stand out!

From logging on to your Netflix account to scrolling through the ads on your phone, personalised marketing is everywhere, often without us even realising it. So why not incorporate this into your next campaign?

Even a great generic image still might not capture the attention of your target audience. By including something as simple as a name, you can boost outreach to create a valuable tool to drive user engagement with the simple introduction of personalised marketing images.

image personalisation retailWhether you are in retail, FMCG, leisure or education…include a personal touch to campaigns. Research has found that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides a personalised images in their advertising experience.


Embrace next level marketing with personalised video

Imagine making just one video, but having the ability to personalise it and send it to all potential customers and prospects with one simple click.

The tech stuff

It’s easier than you might think to implement these ideas, with hundreds of easy to use templates to integrate into your next personalised marketing campaign.

Any type of data can be personalised – names, locations, products. Plus, you can incorporate variable text, images and other footage with exciting special effects in video like animate, wiggle, shatter, blur, warp, distort and more.

Variable content is intelligently imported from a linked data source where you can automatically render batches of dynamic movies, one for each record.

Videos are streamed automatically when the recipient accesses his or her personalised link from an email or digitally-led print piece.

No matter how many data records are required, the system can generate images fast either in advance or on-the-fly.

Whether you are a technical whizz and enjoy creating videos to reach out to customers or you need assistance, we can help. With easy to use SaaS solutions and our creative team on hand, you can get the edge and reach out to more customers with your next personalised marketing campaign.

Let's get connected and increase results