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Offering a personal experience, is more important now than ever. Send students personalised and specific messaging relevant to their chosen courses and offer a smooth introduction to their education, whether they are studying on-site or virtually.

Establishments often find that with multiple staff, departments and campus locations, it can be difficult to maintain a consistency in representation over such a wide organisation. If you are looking to improve processes and create a more cohesive way to send out material to students throughout the school year, we can help.


Get personal

Ensuring all communication delivers a professional look and feel, is essential with some students studying remotely without the opportunity to have visited campus.

Using branded templates can provide this control and reassurance that there is seamless collaboration across all teams and departments, regardless of skill set.

Our online software enables staff to work anytime, anywhere and ensures everyone always has access to the latest image version and messaging.

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Engage a new audience

Using targeted mailings to capture an audience could have a 63% higher response rate than the same communication without it.

How could this help you? With the introduction of maps, you can show a route from the recipients address direct to you, including both walk and drive times.

Build relationships with landlords offering student housing and encourage local businesses to offer student discounts with the option to advertise on the mailing itself, generating further revenue.

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