The start of the new decade sees the launch of the next generation of Elpical Claro.

Claro V12 is packed with advanced new features and embraces artificial intelligence to deliver an application that redefines image enhancement.
Claro V12 has 3 focal points: ENHANCE, VISION, REMOVE

elpical claro google vision ai image enhancement software footballer cutout and girl in snow

1. ENHANCE – Making the image look even better, automatically.
Claro delivers a number of powerful new functions and enhanced existing controls.

2. VISION – Direct integration with Google’s Vision AI engine to provide image understanding and specific toning capabilities.

3. REMOVE – Integrate with’s background removal tool to create accurate cutouts and clipping paths/masks in seconds, all inside the Claro workflow.

There’s a huge range of new functionality introduced with V12

elpical claro v12 downhill skiier enhanced image


New Toning Functions:

  • Brand Colours – detection, protection and correction
  • Selective Colour Correction – precise colour corrections to specific colours in the image
  • Mid Tone contrast control – separate control for contrast in the mid-tones
  • New Colour Balance engine – for greater colour cast identification and reduction
  • Minimum Edge Dot Creation – introduces a border around the image edge to ensure a defined border
Extended Toning functionality:
  • Advanced highlight contrast controls
  • Advanced noise filtering & reduction
  • Enhanced Skin Tone recognition engine
Operational Functionality
  • Regular Expressions Utilisation
  • OpenJDK support
  • Https for client connections and API

Integrating directly with the exceptional technology from Google, Claro is today capable of utilising Vision, the image recognition AI engine.

elpical claro google vision ai red ferrari with keywords

Vision provides industry leading accuracy for image understanding. Claro utilises this data to bring truly intelligent, decision based toning and enhancement for all images.

But it’s for more than just image enhancement – in fact it doesn’t have to do anything like that…

Standardised metadata generation & addition to the image’s IPTC metadata
Vision provides standardised metadata terms, utilise Claro for adding this metadata to an image’s IPTC fields – no more need for hours and hours spent manually adding keywords (not to mention all the non standardised terms)… perfect when ingesting content into a DAM.

For the digital teams
Combining the image optimisation capabilities of the latest Claro and Vision, online images become more powerful for improving search engine rankings and increasing conversion rates.

    • Image Enhancement – Increased click throughs and conversion rates
    • Image SEO – Filename automatically appended with keywords
    • File size reduction – Thumbs & Full size images resized perfectly for the website
    • File Format selection – optimise website loading times with the correct image format

The ‘holy grail’ of the PhotoShop department, automated clipping paths and cutouts, is now part of the Claro workflow.

elpical claro fireman cutout and wallet with

Embracing AI integration even further, Elpical is collaborating with the industry leading background removal software to offer image enhancement and automatic cut outs/masks within the Claro workflow.

Send images directly from Claro to the service and you’ll receive a layered file (or transparent.png) ready for all requirements, print, online and more.

Remove image backgrounds in seconds and optimise the PhotoShop team for their creative skill sets.

Check out the power of Claro