Australian post to include First Nation place names

First Nation names to be included in postal address

The efforts of a Gomeroi woman have lead to the adoption of traditional First Nation place names being included in postal addresses in Australia. This fantastic acceptance of the original inhabitants is being introduced by companies all around the world.

It will now become common practice that when addressing a parcel or letter, the traditional place name will appear after the recipient’s name, but before the street address, suburb or town.

What does this mean for businesses?

You may think ‘I have thousands of entries in my CRM, how is it going to be possible to deal with this much information?’

With the social responsibility on businesses to introduce this new address data and fast, it’s important to get it right and do it well. For those who operate within Australia, but also for those around the world who have offices or clients in that region, it is vital to understand the relevance of this and include it within your mailing information.

There is a solution which could allow you to easily modify existing information with secondary data and compare one data set against another.

Companies are also being encouraged to introduce envelopes and packaging printed with an “Acknowledgement of Country” message to  acknowledge the local people’s connection to the land.

With many businesses facing increasing pressure to evolve the way they are working in the current climate, make sure your staff are not overwhelmed with monotonous data entry tasks in order to keep up with important developments.

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