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Real estate requires a challenging speed-to-market at a zero-error margin. To not lose any time getting the promotional material to mailboxes, Precision Marketing needed a composition engine that would turn e-commerce into an all-shop solution.


Precision Marketing is a Suffolk based marketing group offering communication tools to reach audiences, connect to the right people and communicate messages directly to the customers door, inbox or browser.

They wanted to turn the Precision Connects platform market into a user journey that would turn insights into actionable data. For that, a composition engine was required that would secure the complete, closed-loop, user journey for the creation of flawless data-driven marketing campaigns within Precision Connects.

Precision Marketing wanted to become a marketing services partner via a platform that puts real estate agents and property developers in direct contact with house sellers and buyers. Not only to connect people, but also provide them with the tools to create, nurture and validate those relationships. All that was missing was the technology to support all aspects of the business from data to creation, print and digital.

“We wanted a solution that could provide a complete user journey for our customers today and in the future,” says Gary Howard, CDO at Precision Marketing. “But finding a solution that could deliver the right combination of user experience and data-driven performance was a challenge until we found the CHILI publisher.”


The introduction of CHILI into the user-friendly interface of the Connects platform, meant that even first-time users could easily create data-driven marketing assets that best meet their goal, be it web-to-print or web-to-mail.

Marketing data can be used to address specific audiences and create a highly customisable piece. If needed, the completed marketing piece can then be sent for approval or can move directly to production.

“Originally, CHILI publisher was an anonymous solution we could tailor to a level of identity that was our own. Along the way, it evolved into our backbone,” says Gary Howard. “It is such a communication streamliner that it has become an online marketing hub where our clients store all their marketing collateral.”


After only three months of operation, Precision Marketing has realised an 80% reduction in file creation time, while time to press and to mail reduced from 2 days to 2 hours.

By automating the direct mail process, Precision Marketing delivers greater value for their clients while increasing the margin on each item they produce. The company now receives production-ready files, 24/7 without any human intervention.

N.B. Original case study taken by CHILI publish

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