Libris required a platform that would allow personalisation and document customisation that could be fully embedded into their in-house developed platform to manage marketing materials.

Libris Systems lets customers manage and distribute product content by providing the best automation tools to create a streamlined, integrated and harmonious environment where data and assets really work for their masters. Automating product information management and publishing correct content, consistently generated more money in less time for the company and its customers. A proven track record of accomplishments with brands – at the heart of their solution: CHILI publisher


Libris, a Hertfordshire-based digital agency founded in 1999, specialises in website design, WordPress development and Product Information Management. Businesses that have many products or services tend to struggle when managing data across multiple channels. We work in small teams to deliver cost-effective, results-driven solutions that offer a personalised service with quantifiable results for our clients.

Offering 3 main tranches to their solution:

Product Information Management (PIM) can organise and classify products according to the categories and labels desired and update any associated data, such as prices, product features or images that will appear equally on all platforms linked to the system.

Digital asset management (DAM) provides an effective solution for businesses to store, organise, find and share digital content. A DAM provides access to a centralised digital asset library for employees, clients and third-parties alike.

Unify is our out-of-the-box marketing solution, developed to help businesses connect with customers personally, on time and with the correct information. Our system connects your most up-to-date marketing assets to your sales teams via The Cloud.

Why customers choose Libris

Everything they develop is built around the people that use it, they work with customers to understand their business and marketplace. This helps them unearth the challenges, constraints and opportunities, for them to then develop a strategy that’s practical, realistic and effective.

Manage Your Brand
When your brand marketing is consistent it provides confidence in your products and services. Customers are put at ease, they know exactly what to expect each and every time they experience your brand.

Centralise Your Data
Maintaining and storing all your product data centrally in the cloud saves you time and money. It allows you to re-use your content across any channel like Amazon, eBay and of course your own website or catalogue.

Specialist Experience

They have the experience and the know-how to advise you on the perfect solutions available to get the best out of your digital assets so that they work seamlessly across the multiple channels of your operation.


Create a personalised, bespoke brochure using “Unify” platform that follows simple customising and procurement process:

Step 1
Input key contact personal information

Step 2
Select the relevant content from your online image library

Step 3
Covering letter

Step 4

Step 5
Re-order your pages


How CHILI publisher has helped where…

Unify offers a unique print-on-demand option. You can save money by printing and storing fewer copies of generic brochures, as it’s more cost effective to print a ‘one-off’ personalised brochure as and when needed.

Sales teams will love it because it’s easy to use, personal and fast. Marketing love it because brochures are always on brand and they can update everything.

The benefits are instant. Unify boosts interest from sales teams, increases conversations and creates an additional talking point when engaging with new clients.

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