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When HH Global first worked with Workflowz there were two primary challenges to be addressed, speed to market and global reach.

As a marketing execution partner for worldwide brands across FMCG, Finance, Pharmaceutical and Retail HH needed a platform to support the diverse needs of their customers

HH were one of the first global aganceies to adopt  CHILI publisher, as their preferred technology.

With an in-house development team the integration of CHILI into their HHub portal was realtively quick, based on the powerful API available.


Being able to repsond quickly to customer demands, no matter where they are located, with on-brand materials in a variety of languages.

This has been extended more recently with time sensitive campiagns for retail clients.

HH needed an agile supplier who would not only supply the solution, but provide training and ongoing support to be their “trusted partner’.


Working with tight dealines and demanding customers across many sectors required a robust and powerful solution, that was intuitive for end-users to interact with.

Working as a global player this obviously had the added complexity of supportiing various fonts for internationcal languages. In addition the speed to deploy and work with templates on customers workstation anywhere around the world had its own technical challenges.

With Workflowz recommending CHILI publish the headache was massively reduced.


How CHILI publisher has helped

The 3 main key areas this has improved thier customers experience

  • no waiting for previews
  • quick product development
  • flexibility
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“The training and on-going support we have received from Workflowz has been first class and we would recommend them to anyone.”

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