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ESP the Colour Hub chose CHILI Publisher for their online document editing solution to give their ESP web2print more power.

When ESP needed a reliable and versatile online document editing solution capable of seamlessly integrating into its latest offering ESP web2print, they took the strategic step of moving away from their existing editing tool, in favour of the powerful web2print tool, CHILI publish. Workflowz were there to assist with the transition every step of the way.


ESP Colour, a Swindon-based high performance print service, has a pedigree and reputation for outstanding efficiency and quality. Working with giants such as Virgin Atlantic, they strive to attain new era of innovation and service.

ESP needed to embed CHILI publish seamlessly into their own bespoke web to print solution, giving it their own identity and style. This area allows clients to produce high quality designs easily, at their own leisure and to their budget.

The system allows clients to completely customise their template to fit the requirement of the task they are working on. Using client details, they needed to pre-populate areas of text after log in; for example, contact information on a business card, which helps speed up the ordering process.

“We had initially considered CHILI publisher but ruled it out, when we were assessing possible online document editors, however when we needed to reassess our requirements we realised that CHILI publisher was the perfect fit for our exciting and dynamic system.” Explained ESP Colour’s Chief Executive, Paul Bradley.


CHILI publish allowed them to produce high quality templates in half the time they used to, with its easy to use system and InDesign plug-in tool.

The InDesign plug-in is one of the best parts of CHILI publish, being able to upload straight from an InDesign file can save a lot of effort, cost and reduce the time to market, as once uploaded, it keeps all the same layers, fonts and images in the same position. All that was required was for the the team to add the variables needed to give clients with multi site marketing teams access to instant high quality artwork and print.

Another big advantage is Dynamic Layouts, allowing the same file to automatically adjust to different sizes. This allowed ESP to provide a more rounded service, making it just as simple for a client to produce a pen or an A4 poster.


Paul Bradley discusses how “Now that we have been using CHILI publish, we have been really impressed with its ease and flexibility. It allows our clients to give their internal users as much control as their skill level allows and will ensure they get great design without compromising on brand integrity.”

An example of a great client win for ESP on the back of CHILI publish was achieved by tailoring the ability for clients to upload a spreadsheet into ESP’s system and using CHILI to automate the artwork of over 15,000 pages of PDFs in a matter of hours and a monthly job which creates circa 1200 POS artworks in just over 10 minutes – saving the client £4,000 per month on artwork and creating £100k of good margin digital print for ESP.

“There was an amazingly quick turnaround once we decided to go with CHILI publish we had it up and running, complete with training within a month. The training and on-going support we have received from Workflowz has been first class and we would recommend them to anyone. Alan in particular brings a wealth of knowledge and the occasional hint of humour. We now need like minded clients to allow us to challenge CHILI publish’s true power and potential.” Paul Bradley, ESP.

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“The training and on-going support we have received from Workflowz has been first class and we would recommend them to anyone.”

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