tilia Griffin 2.0 Beta Released!

Posted in News on June 8th, 2018
tilia Griffin 2.0 Beta Released!

Tilia labs, developer of tilia Griffin, announces its next major release the Griffin 2.0 for early July this year.

Griffin 2.0 is packed with 6 new exciting features that together provide an unprecedented level of productivity for large format printers.

Highlights include:

  • Powerful tiling
  • Intelligent cutting path generation from image contours
  • Artwork dieline removal
  • Zunf Cut Center (ZCC) cutting export
  • Importing multiple artworks from one multi-shape PDF page
  • Printing and cutting export in a single action




2.0 Features

  • Cutting paths from image contours (Griffin Pro)
    Intelligent auto-generation of cutting paths from image contours
    Fine-grained settings controlling raster quality, curve precision, tolerance
    Visual preview of cutting paths
  • Tiling (Griffin Pro)
    Powerful tiling options for creating fixed or variable size tiles
    Various options controlling tile ordering, overlaps and gaps
    Save tiling settings to presets for fast reuse
    Live preview of tiles while you edit tiling settings
  • Importing multiple shapes (Griffin Pro)
    Option to automatically import multiple shapes on a single PDF/AI page as separate artwork items in artwork “shape handling” preferences
    Feature automatically includes dielines contained within each individual shape while excluding dielines from neighboring shapes for each artwork item created
  • Removing dielines
    New option to remove dielines from artwork during printing export
    Removes all paths in original artwork whose spot color maps to a tool in Griffin
  • Export Multiple
    New Export Multiple dialog for exporting for printing and cutting in a single action
    Define folders and file naming conventions to automatically save to the correct output folders with desired file names
    Save all settings to named presets for fast access
  • ZCC Export
    Zund Cut Center (ZCC) cutting export for tight integration with Zund Cut Center
    Camera mark enhancements
    Quantity based auto distribute mode for specifying exact number of camera marks to place within layout
    New square shape option for Summa cutters
    Option to mirror camera marks to the back side of the layout

  • And more!
    Support for Retina displays
    New nesting option to ensure single- and double-sided artwork pieces are not mixed on the same layout
    New <layout.artwork-files> dynamic keyword for listing the names of all artwork files in a given layout via text marks or barcodes
    New <layout.random> dynamic keyword for recording and outputting the unique random ID generated for each layout
    Use PDF 1.6 UserUnits for large layout sizes setting moved from preferences into printing and cutting dialogs
    Added tooltips for all toolbar buttons
    Several bug fixes


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