Key Features

  • Powerful Step & Repeat tools
  • Intelligent artwork-die snapping
  • Auto ganging across hundreds of press and sheet size combinations
  • Auto-bleed mask generation
  • Mask overlap resolution
  • Dynamic marks that adapt to inks, sizes, and metadata in the current job
  • Dynamic ink remapping
  • Advanced template system


Phoenix Brochure

System Specifications

Operating System

  • Mac OS X:  10.5 and newer
  • Windows:  Windows XP SP2/SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 all editions.


x86 32-bit or 64-bit compatible (Intel/AMD).  Dual-core processor or higher is strongly recommended.


Minimum 1GB RAM.  4GB RAM is recommended.

Hard Disk

Minimum 4GB free space is required.  Please account for space used by saved jobs and exported files.


1024 x 768 resolution or higher is strongly recommended.


TCP/IP v4 enabled internet connection required to use Trial licenses.  No network connection is required to run Phoenix with Production licenses or in Demo Mode.


  • Mac OS X:  Java 1.5 or newer must be installed prior to installing Phoenix.
  • Windows:  None

Case Studies


Phoenix PRO

Phoenix is a Step-and-Repeat software for packaging and label printers it produces print ready layouts quickly and accurately reducing costs and errors during the layout process.


Phoenix Pro – includes all of the features of Phoenix, including CAD import and the Step & Repeat tool as well as the Auto Layout ganging module.  Leverage the full power of Phoenix to produce print-ready layouts for label and carton jobs in seconds. Phoenix PRO combines all the great features of Phoenix CAD and Phoenix PDF and adds additional power with PDF versioning capabilities.

Open standards formats such as PDF, JDF, PS, CFF2, DDES2, DDES3, and DXF are fully supported in Phoenix, making it easy to integrate into your existing workflow.  Under the hood Phoenix utilizes Adobe ® PDF Library to provide native PDF import and rendering.  Exported PDFs, JDFs, and and PostScript files are optimized to reduce output size and reduce RIP times.

Phoenix features a fast, intuitive user interface with a tabbed design, allowing you to work on multiple jobs at once, and dockable panels designed to maximize your desktop real-estate.  Drag and drop files and folders from outside as well as just about anything within Phoenix, and place content with precision using smart snapping guides, geometry tool, properties panel or the command line.

The Auto Optimize module automatically selects the lowest cost layouts in seconds, ensuring cost effectiveness and efficiency. Auto Optimize also discounts non-printable results to eliminate layout errors. Artwork can be dropped and auto snapped into place to build a complete CAD layout. Phoenix also automatically fixes common issues such as non centred art work, incorrect rotation, and generates perfect bleeds for both regular and custom shapes.


  • All CAD Import features of Phoenix CAD
  • All PDF layout features of Phoenix PDF
  • PDF Layer control within each product
  • Preserve, flatten or merge PDF layers
  • Import Products from CSV spreadsheet